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Trip Advisor…. About The Market Class at La Cuisine Paris

“Best morning in Paris”

We booked a market shopping and cooking lesson via the internet. Some times high risks pay off this was a great find. We met our chef and three couple at a farmers market where we got to select the meal we would prepare for the day. The group voted between fish, pork, duck or rabbit. Then she put out options for desert. We went through the market with chef Diane and she showed us how to pick fresh items. Then it was a short walk to the kitchen. The team at the shop were so fun as the welcomed us with tea or coffee as Diane prepared the kitchen for us. We all took part as we created a wonderful meal with roasted vegetables, finger potatoes, home made salad dressing and not one but two deserts. We cooked, we laughed, we eat and then we had to leave. Need to walk ten miles to burn the cal aires but well worth it. Thank you Diane and whole La Cuisine team.


Trip Advisor…. About The Market Class at La Cuisine Paris

“Must Do”

I was in Paris last week with a friend. We took the market/lunch class and had the absolute best time. Diane was our chef and she was so informative at the market, sharing tips on how to pick out good produce and seafood as well as how to read the signs. She introduced us to some new foods as well. Since our class voted equally for fish and pork, she agreed we would do both. She really wanted everyone to eat something they would enjoy. The kitchen was plenty large enough for us all to participate and Diane kept instructing us as we chopped veg (following her knife skills orientation), mixed batter, made sauces, and made a true French vinaigrette. The meal was truly delicious. Everyone got plenty to eat. While we did a lot in 4 hours I never felt rushed. In addition Jane and her husband were so kind and engaging as well as Claire who helped is with the market shopping. This is now on my “absolute must do in Paris” list and I hope next time to take more than one class. I can’t recommend La Cuisine Paris highly enough!!


Trip Advisor…. About The Gourmet Dinner Class at La Cuisine Paris

“What a great experience”

We absolutely loved the class! My husband and I were in Paris with his mother and brother. We were looking for an activity that would be fun for the whole group (2 men, 2 women … and a variety of ages). We took an evening course with Diane and cooked an appetizer, main dish and dessert. It was such a fun experience and the food was of course delicious. The room where we ate our meal overlooked the Seine! The facility is very easy to get to, and the staff is very friendly and approachable. Diane was a wealth of knowledge and taught us some fun tips and tricks that we can use in everyday cooking. I also loved the ease of booking online. I promptly received a confirmation after I booked, and was able to enjoy my vacation and rest easy that all details were taken care of. All we had to do was show up and have fun!


Trip Advisor…. About The Market Class at La Cuisine Paris

“Must Do”

The past few years I’ve had the joy of attending classes at La Cuisine Paris. This time I joined the Marche Maubert cooking class. Our Chef Diane led the way through the outdoor market helping us select everything for the menu. We learned to cook duck and a caramel sauce, red onion chutney, roasted vegetables and figs, and for dessert, financiers with cream. There were 10 in the class, so it was nice meeting people from all over. Diane was awesome, she explained everything as we prepared the days meal. This is a great thing to do while visiting Paris and would certainly be the highlight of your trip.


Trip Advisor…. About The Market Class at La Cuisine Paris

“5 Girls in Paris in the Fall”

We had the BEST time ever with chef Diane..She took us to a market and there is where we bought everything fresh.She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic person and we would take another class with her. She speaks great English. The only thing I would say , take the class the day your arrive in Paris. We learned so much about the markets, chocolate places and not to mention the bread places in Paris. The cheese what can I say.
We booked this class on line pior to our trip to Paris. I only wish that the information that was given would have been done on the first day of our trip and not the last. We will go back and tke more classes. We loved everything about Paris !!!!


Trip Advisor…. About The Market Class at La Cuisine Paris

“FABULOUS French market cooking class!!”

The cooking class was a highlight of my trip! Dianne was a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced chef who assisted our group to create a delicious lunch. The menu reflected the seasons best produce and food preferences and intolerances of the group. The class was hands on, informative and fun! I’m already thinking about my next trip and which class I’ll choose!


Trip Advisor…. About The Market Class at La Cuisine Paris

“An Unforgettable Experience”

French Market Class: This cooking class was taught by Chef Diane. She gave us a few options of main meat/protein and we went from there, with her making up most of the menu on the spot. Since the menu changes from class to class, not everything has a recipe, so be sure to write things down on the recipes that they give you! Everyone contributes to the meal regardless of cooking experience. Very good class with a fun chef!


Trip Advisor.… About The Market Class at La Cuisine Paris

“Amazing Market Class!”

I chose this class because I have often strolled through the markets in Paris but have been to afraid to buy anything. Led by our fabulous chef/teacher Diane, she gave us a great explanation of the markets, took us around to buy our ingredients, then took us to the butcher and the boulangerie. Back at the cooking school, the six students prepared magret de canard, roasted vegetables, chutney, parmesan bread squares, and chocolate mousse. Then we got to enjoy the fruits of our labors. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to return to Paris to take another class!!!


Trip Advisor… About The Lunch Class at La Cuisine Paris

“Fun, delicious”

We had a great time with 9 others we had never met. Our chef was Diane, and she skillfully led us the making of quiche, tarts, salad with a special dressing…all from scratch. All very well planned and carried out. Will definitely go back.


Trip Advisor… About The Market Class at La Cuisine Paris

“A fun way to spend 4 hours”

My daughters gave me a day at the school as a Christmas gift and it was really fun. I loved shopping at the market and the chef/teacher Diane was very good. There were 10 in the class and we all had a good time sharing the cooking experience and eating together. I did the market class and enjoyed it. All of the class members were experienced and we turned out a very nice meal. I would highly recommend the class as it was hands-on and well run.


LBA verified…. A dinner in the 7th district of Paris

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About Yves Delorme’s tea towels:

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La Cuisine Paris about the Monge Market Class

LCP-Monge-2 LCP-Monge


Little Kitchie about the Maubert Market Class


… “My favorite thing (about the trip… and maybe ever) was the cooking class I took at La Cuisine Paris. My girlfriend Shannon (who just happened to be in Paris at the same time with her husband) came with me to the morning market class. Our class met together in the market and we immediately began talking about what we loved to cook and eat. Next, our chef led us around, explaining how to read French produce labels, ways to pick the highest quality fish, and just about everything else you could want to know – she was amazing! Before we’d even started cooking, I had already learned so much! We got back to the cooking school and prepared cod with a beurre blanc sauce, a gorgeous salad with nectarines, fresh mozzarella, and toasted hazelnuts (a copycat of this will be on this blog ASAP!), hasselback potatoes, and a fabulous dessert with pistachio brittle, vanilla bean whipped cream, peaches, and cherries. We enjoyed it all with wine and some breads and cheeses we’d picked up at the market. I cannot say enough great things about our experience! If I could go back, the only thing I would have done differently is signed up for more than one class! This is something I’ll never forget.”…



La Cuisine Paris about the Maubert Market Class

Mood Tatin


La Cuisine Paris about the Maubert Market Class



Miami Herald Tribune about Artisan Food Festival



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