I was an artistic director before deciding to change my career path to pursue my fervour for food.

I spent a few months at the Ecole Supérieure de Cuisine Française – ferrandi, one of france’s leading professional training culinary schools with 11 other people as crazy as me to leave very interesting jobs such as journalist, researcher or dancer at the Opera de Paris  in order to discover the secrets of the cooking with former chefs willing to teach adults. I graduated with a french CAP cooking degree.

As my husband had been hired by a bank in London, we packed everything and moved in the City…. I put my training to the test by working at the Michelin Star Club Gascon for Pascal Aussignac and learned how to create great food but also how to keep high standards while controlling every day the costs of a restaurant. Those were crazy months, I decided to quit even if I have really great memories of the time I had there.

I eventually had the time to meet interesting people who helped me to find the way to be cooking and happy at the same time. Even if it took a few months, it worked.

As a self-employed, I began to sell my own cakes to different places such as shops or market stalls. I started to meet people with similar interests, and I soon found myself as a freelance chef assistant for cooking classes, a role that eventually lead me to a chef and manager position at Divertimenti.

I was responsible for the recruitment of my team (4 waitresses, 1 kitchen porter and 3 chefs), had to create the menus, place the orders and control the costs on a weekly basis. I was also in charge of the private catering and the customer relationship.

Eventually, I also took the responsibility of organizing the corporate events for the Cookery School.

I had to coordinate the cookery school timetable with the corporate events and liaise with the client until the end of the event and the final payment.

Then, I moved on and became a cooking teacher especially for macaroons and french pastry and also started to work as a private chef for the partners of a law firm in the city.

Fond of my job but fed up with the grey sky, me and my husband decided to move to Miami to keep on cooking and teaching in a sunny place!


One Response to “About”

  1. Nicole December 18, 2014 at 12:55 am #

    Hello Diane
    I’ve just been passed the link to your blog by Ludo Heiden who lives here in my village in Lagrasse. He and Patricia came over for dinner recently and you came up in conversation. He thought it might be fun if I contacted you as I’m spending a lot of time in London at the moment. BUT, if I have it right you have moved on from Blighty – pity, but I can understand how those grey skies can get you down.
    All the best,

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