La Source: great new restaurant close to Pinarello in South Corsica

21 Aug

As we went to South Corsica with my brother’s family and another couple of great friends 3 weeks ago, we discovered a great place, only 5 minutes walk from our beach that opened a few days after our arrival. It is called La Source.

As we have 7 kids following, it was a great opportunity to find a good spot to have lunch, drinks, ice-cream or even dinner close by.

The place belongs to Patrice who used to work all over the world in Michelin stars restaurants and great palaces. He never counted his hours, he was really dedicated to his work but at some point he wanted time for himself, time to take a deep breath and enjoy his skills.

That’s exactly what he is doing at La Source. He created a nice little restaurant, almost a “paillotte”. You can access the place by the road or the beach and you are just in the middle of a field of Mediterranean trees with a small wooden house under which he created a bar and his kitchen.

1-On the way

The access through the beach…

2-La Source_edited-1

The small beach in front of the restaurant, the bar and the view.

Once you are there, you are welcomed by the owner Patrice Alexandre, very relax in bermudas and flip-flops. A huge smile on his face and a musical accent.

Here we are, relax and happy, feeling like at home.

He serves us Corsican chestnut beer, rose wine and also a great sweet wine called Suleone made with 3 different grapes: Muscat, Chardonnay and Chenin. Usually, this is not something I like but I gave it a try with Cecile and we soon became addicted! We had our bottle reserved at the bar….!

3-Our Suleone

Our “reserved” bottle of Suleone, a nice sweet wine, perfect as an evening drink. We brought one back in Paris. To be opened when the days get shorter and the weather colder….

For the food, the menu is straightforward, a great pasta dish, cured meats, great Mozzarella and Burrata, good tomatoes, antipasti plate and Frito Misto with a delicious Wasabi mayonnaise. A selection of artisan ice cream such as Mandarine and a few deserts.

What makes it successful is that Patrice sources is products with great care and cook them with passion. It can take time but who cares, we are on holidays with great friends, amazing view and no stress!

And if we are hungry, we still have a basket of really fresh bread and tasty butter to keep us waiting!


The Burrata served with Corsican cured pork.

5-Tomato Trio

The trio of Tomatoes served with the dressing in a bottle.


La Source Plate: an assortment of specialties selected and cooked by Patrice.

Yes indeed, this is a place to go before it becomes too well-known. Hopefully, the owner is passionate enough to keep it as it is right now but we can’t blame him if he grows bigger within the next year.

As long as he keeps on being so welcoming and nice with our kids, we’ll keep on coming and sharing great moments with him.

7-Kids Paradise

Also a great place for kids…. the chef’s pasta at any time and a lot of space to play while we are enjoying our drinks and plates….

La Source: Patrice Alexandre

Sainte Lucie de Porto Vecchio

Caramontinu 20144

Tel: 06 27 16 71 33


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