Dragoncello… one of the thing I miss the most in London beside my friends

20 May

Dragoncello is one of these restaurants that you really hesitate to share even with your best friends. You just want it to keeps on being a well-kept secret but that would not be fair for the owner Tobia Speranza and the chef Monserrato Marini who really deserve a great success.
For those of you who know the Westbourne area, Dragoncello is just walking distance from the trendy and crowded Westbourne, Bonaparte and The Oak pubs.
If for once you want to reward yourself with a treat but without the fuss of Michelin Star restaurant such as The Ledbury nearby, I think you have the right address!

dragoncello  Aurelio Cicalese-44

Dragoncello is a small but stylish restaurant. You immediately feel comfortable when you push the front door for lunch or dinner.
Most of the time, the owner is here to welcome you in person and drive you through the menu, wine list, specials and if needed, the chef will just pay a look over the window of his kitchen and add a comment!
As you have guessed already, the 2 of them are really good friends and that’s what makes that place so special. You just feel like invited at some friends place for a delicious Italian experience.
When it comes to food and wine, you won’t be disappointed. Just slow down with the chef’s Foccacia, that one is a real killer and once you start dipping it in the tasty olive oil, you just can’t stop….

Foccacia-Breads Basket and other treats
When asking to the chef how he gets it so moist and airy, the answer seems so obvious….. he lets it rise slowly in the oven at low temperature for a few hours to make it grow and start cooking at the same time. The result is simply terrific!
I will not comment the wine list as I -for the first time- let the owner choose for us. It was such a perfect match that we even had slightly too much!
And last but not least, food-wise, you just want to order the whole menu. I tried the Chef’s specialties: Linguine with Lobster. Only because Linguine is my favorite pasta! The sauce was delicate and brought together perfectly the Lobster with the linguine.
The salads are well balanced, fish and shellfish always fresh, cheese and ham well selected. I did not try the Burrata from Andria yet but I am sure you will and let me know that it was worth it!

Goat's Cheese Salad-Scampi-Lobster Linguine
Indeed, Dragoncello is one of those restaurants that knows how to create the perfect alchemy that will get you to come back on a regular basis. You are not only coming for the food but for the whole atmosphere, the chat with the owner by the till at the end of the service, the tips of the chef for the tomato sauce, the feeling that whatever happened earlier today or later tomorrow, right now, you simply feel good!


104A Chepstow Rd London W2 5QS, UK
Email: info@dragoncello.co.uk
Phone: 0207 221 1821
Phone: 079 30 46 93 55


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