Ash Wednesday I know but could not resist the bugnes’ appeal (sort of doughnut)

13 Feb

We’ll say it’s because of the jet lag…. I did not celebrate Shrove Tuesday yesterday as I was on the plane on my way back home. From anything but yummy tomato pasta and industrial muffins in the plane until long life sandwiches and crisps at the gas station on our way to Auvergne…. it was not a food celebration!


To recover from all those hours of travel and bad food, I headed to Sauxillanges this morning, a little village close to our home with a small shop selling just what you need in term of food (especially cheeses) and an amazing Boulangerie-Pâtisserie hidden behind the church….

There you will find a great range of breads and you’ll want to buy all of them even if you are on your own and just need 1/2 a baguette…. The smell when you enter the shop is amazing, mouthwatering. It’s sour and sweet at the same time and the shop is so warm that you simply want to stay there rather than walk out in the cold weather. (I still have to get used to negative temperatures!)

As I was handing my bread selection to the baker, I saw the great basket of bugnes by the til and of course I could not resist.

The bugnes are a type of fritters originally from Savoie and extended to the East and Center of France. They are produced before the Lent for Shrove Tuesday. As they are a variety of fritters, they were a good way to use the remaining fat before the Lent.

Right now, I did not have the chance to ask the baker if he would kindly give me his recipe….. I guess the answer will be NO but who knows?

Those bugnes are really worth the journey, they are light and moist, neither too oily nor too sweet which is often the case for fritters. Just the way you want them to be….

Sometimes I like them with a little Orange Blossom Water but today, they were perfect just the way they were!

By the way, in case you live in the neighborhood or travel in Auvergne, here is the address:

Boulangerie Notre Dame

14 place Marchedial


Picture update of the Bugnes Journey at the Boulangerie…..

It was so delicious that I came back with a friend and the twins to pick some bread and a few bugnes as we always deserve a treat when it is so cold….

As a result, the bugnes were gone in a few seconds and the twins started to attack the bread!




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