Chocolate Festival Demo….. What a great time!

27 Jan

As I wrote yesterday…. Today was the last day of the 7th Chocolate Festival at Fairchild Tropical Garden.

I was doing a demo at noon and as it’s a really great place for kids, we all went there as it was only an 1/2 hour demo!

Those last few days, I have to say that I am back to my bad habits of mixing all the hours, days, appointments…. I don’t know if it’s because of the full moon or because I have to much to think about but it started from the beginning of the day, arriving 1/2 hour late at my yoga class (my good resolution for 2013…. 1 yoga class a day for 1 month!)…. as I thought it was at 9.00am.

Being 1/2 hour ahead on my schedule, I prepped everything and took the time to check my mails before going to the festival….. and ended up being almost late for my demo.

I did not know the parking of the Garden was so huge for the festival….. and as we arrived at the rush hour, we had to park really far from the demonstration tent….. it took us forever to reach the place as we also met people we knew on our way….

I had something like 5 minutes to get organized and brief my army of assistants which I am not use to have, get that microphone on my head and get used to talk with it (wao, I can be noisy….) then realize that there is quite a lot of people in front of me! Actually, it reminded me of the day of my wedding as I got married in open air under a similar tent!

Being late was the first positive point as I did not really had time to get scared but the second positive point was my twins who happened to be very participative especially my daughter who loves to spend hours with me when I am cooking and always ask for tasting…. As she saw the great stage, the audience, the cooking tools and the chocolate on the table….. she rushed to me, took place next to me and did not move from that moment except for chocolate…..

I have to say that it really created a great atmosphere, people were just having lots of fun as I was chopping chocolate then sharing small pieces with the twins before melting it…. it really looked like I was cooking from home for my family and as I was focused on the demo and my daughter, I forgot about the crazy amount of people looking at me and laughing when my daughter was acting like a monkey to put a finger in the chocolate sauce….

Anyway, 1/2 hour is so short that time really flies away and you not even started that it’s already finished.

Once the demo was over, I quickly explained how to present the mini fondants for canapes or plated desert and had some of the participants to come to the stage and practice the piping of the white chocolate mousse.

It was really great to get so many people, especially teenagers, coming on the stage and take the time to learn how to handle a piping bag.

We finished the demo with a raffle….. of course I asked my daughter to pick a ticket (only one…..!) and she made someone happy with a great Whole Foods voucher! It was really a nice way to conclude the demo.

Also, great was the energy of the students assisting all the chefs coming, washing utensils, plating for 100 people, getting you anything you need and even playing with the kids when they did not have to. Unfortunately, they did not have any cakes as all the samples disappeared in  a flash and I am really ashamed of that as they are really working hard….

Last but not least, the team organizing Fairchild events is really great. Always available, smiling and friendly, they even offered all the chefs a nice frame to thank us for our support. What a delicate intention!

The whole thing really makes you want to participate more often to such events. Let’s hope there will be many more editions!

Fairchild Demo-2

Guess who’s the Chef?

Fairchild Demo-3

Disappointed…. it was not icing sugar but plain flour….

Fairchild Demo-1

Piping, Plating but not thinking there’s a lot of people watching….


Cute little frame…. thank you Fairchild team.

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