Pinecrest Farmers’ Market… use all your senses, indulge yourself as well!

6 Jan

Almost one week since we are back from Europe…. it’s already high time to enjoy the Farmers’ Markets as it’s the best season to find the best products from Florida.

Fruits & Veg Stalls

Pinecrest Farmers’ Market is open all year long every Sunday but I can tell you that you don’t go to the same market when it takes place in September or in January!

Today was sunny as usual and I decided that the twins would have fun over there (which means I wanted to have fun)…. Indeed, this is the perfect place to get them to use all their senses…. watching live lobsters, smelling amazing flowers, touching funny fruits, listening to popcorn popping and tasting any food on display even if a bit spicy or sour…..

Think about it as field trip…. and do forget your grocery basket….


…. the amazing colors of the fruits and vegetables stalls, the live lobsters…


Fruits and Veg


…the flowers, the freshly picked strawberries, the hot paella, the bright red tomatoes….

orchids and more-2


…even if it’s not really authorized…. the Jack Fruit skin, the Lobsters’ feelers, the lime wedges, the freshly baked bread….

Empanadas, Conch Fritters & Pickles


…to the popcorn being cooked in front of you, the crackling of the meat on the BBQ, the people chatting and laughing…

Popcorn 2


…almost anything! From ceviche and guacamole to apple sausages, vegan curry, crazy range of honey, caramelized popcorn, corn fritters and crab meat! By the end of the market, your kids do not really need to have a proper lunch at all!

Some like it hot


From the food truck to the plate…. the conch fritters. Served with lime wedges and American sauce!

Conch Fritters


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