Slow Food Feast

23 Oct

It took me a while to write that post but here we are… almost one month later!

I really wanted to share that experience with you because the association I am about to write about is really important to me in terms of way of life.

I am speaking about Slow Food. The movement started in Italy and spread all over Europe to reach the whole world and it’s growing faster and faster especially in Miami.

I was invited to the event by my friend Amber Antonelli who is a great chef involved in the movement and in promoting organic and seasonal cooking. I went there to meet her and also to know more about what they do but I have to say that I was expecting one of those boring meeting in a dark place with a few cups of water and dry biscuits on a table’s corner….

I was so wrong….. it was actually like going to a friends dinner party. The event was hosted at the Fairchild Tropical Garden which is an amazing place for family and nature lovers. I arrived in that great room full of smiling people all well dressed and bringing their home-made dish….. I felt terrible as I had absolutely nothing! And if you have a look at the pictures, you will understand why I felt so embarrassed….. It’s only a sample of what we had and everything was amazing….. especially the Faro salad brought by Julie Frans who is a chef at The Palms Hotel. I came back home with plenty of new ideas for salad especially with faro and kale!

The dinner was great but the people were even greater…. every member took the time to explain what they were doing and what they achieved the past year. They also took the time to answer anybody’s question and to put new members in touch with the accurate people! That’s how I met Teena from teenaspride csa and that’s how I decided to try to promote local products through the restaurant menu or classes once I’ll be able to open the doors.

As you have understood by now, I feel very close to that association and I wish you do too because they really care about nature and transmission…. Promoting local farmers and developing community gardens have been among their chore activities and they succeeded! I wish they keep on raising great funds to offer the chance to a great number of people to have a better understanding of how the nature is working out of the big cities and supermarket….

If you did not click on the link yet…. Go for it now and enroll or donate!


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