artisan food fest….. great place, great people, great food!

21 Oct

yesterday, diane’s kitchen was participating to the artisan food fest which is a monthly event that takes place at the coral gable museum.


as it was our first time, we were thrilled and scared at the same time. i had spent 2 days cooking all my signature dishes but it was worth it as they really loved it….  we have been lucky too as the day was sunny and the customers really nice and interested in meeting all the producers.



and i have to say that i was too…. i wish i had more time to speak with all of them but i also had to get ready and then to serve the customers but by the end of the day, i went around with a few financiers and took the time to have a little chat and trade a few products….

as a result i came back with unusual vegetables such as snake gourds and purple haze carrots from mr. green dean as well as delicious home-made hummus with a strong tahine flavor…. my favorite!



i also brought back spiced dehydrated kale that made me think to my friend sybille who still lives in london and loves to try new vegan and raw food recipes. she used to dehydrate any veg or fruit she had in her kitchen!


and for our nanny whose mother loves new products, i could not resist to bring back one of the freakin’ flamingo preserves. the range of flavors is amazing, you have sugar free options as well as rum options…. just have a look at the website, you’ll want to go for it!


yes, it was a really great day and we look forward to participate to the next one! hope to see you there…


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