Strawberry Salad…. Simple but beautiful!

24 Jul

Sometimes dessert can be simple & easy…..

I know you got used to quite complicated ones but today, I just wanted to share with you an easy one.

If you are lucky enough to have a great market place not too far or even better a great garden full of red fruits…. this is your recipe!

Just choose 500g to 1kg of beautiful strawberries. Taste them before if you have to buy them. You may already know but the best ones in France are the Mara des Bois, Plougastel or Guariguette. If you live in the UK, you have plenty of great varieties when the season starts! Spain also provides great strawberries. Until you did not taste them, I’d say you do not know whether they are good or not. Some may look amazing but really taste like water and need a great amount of sugar to make a great dessert. Worthless….!

Once you have your great tasty strawberries, even if most of the people insist on the fact that you MUST not wash them, I’ll propose an alternative.

In my opinion, especially if the strawberries have been picked-up in a farm or in your garden, it’s always good to make sure that they haven’t been touched by anything such as insecticide or even worth….

I simply drop them in a colander and quickly pass them under cold running water to get rid of anything! Then I get them dry and cut the stems. Then I slice them into 2 and start lying them in a nice dish such as the one on the picture.

To get the same result, you need to use strawberries of similar sizes and starting from the center of your dish, you simply draw a spiral. Once you have finished one level, you start another one!
As your strawberries are really tasty, you don’t need to add anything. Just serve them with whipped cream on the side as well as caster sugar and sliced brioche for example. Otherwise, you can sprinkle sliced mint on top and pour orange blossom water to make it even tastier.

Hope you will enjoy it if you are lucky enough to enjoy the last strawberries of the season!

2 Responses to “Strawberry Salad…. Simple but beautiful!”

  1. Pauline July 24, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

    Very nice strawberry salad! I like it!

  2. Alice July 25, 2012 at 8:54 am #

    Et puis c est léger après une tartihouel …. Bises ma belle!

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