My first Sunday roast…. at last!

22 May

It’s been 2 years now that I am back in London and I kept that very french opinion about Sunday roast….

For me, the Sunday roast is served at home, shared with your family and prepared with lots of love and patience by your mum, grand mum, old aunt… depending on were you spend your Sunday!

How and why did I change my mind?

10 days ago, thanks to Fabienne initiative, many french “bloggeurs” and “bloggeuses” were invited to participate to the first “apéro-blog“. The idea is to gather the people who have created a blog about their lives, activities while they live abroad. It was a real success as we were about 20 and even if I did not stay til the end, I had time to share a few point of view and the Sunday roast was one of them!

When I confessed to my friends Alice and Zaza that I never tried the Sunday roast, I almost lost my hearing as they both screamed at me….! I tried to explain my point of view but it only made them scream louder…. I was considered as old fashion, chauvinist, narrow minded, stubborn…. and last but not least it was my duty as a foody to take part to the British way of life through the food experience!

The screaming had imprinted more than my tympan as the next Sunday, we decided to try a gastro pub near Holland Park called The Mitre and while spending hours on the Menu I suddenly decided to go for the Chicken Sunday Roast….

My husband stared at me in disbelief and I decided to plead for the pregnancy cravings rather than admit that I did not like being considered as stubborn, narrow-minded….about the Sunday roast.

As I was sipping my delicious and very spicy Virgin Mary, I started to regret my choice….. why did I ask for a Sunday roast when there was so many other delicious options such as the Tuna Steack, the Duck Breast or the Rib-eye Steack…..

Was it the rain, the growing twins in my belly???? I don’t know but I was to be served a Chicken Sunday Roast with gravy, bread sauce, Yorkshire pudding and roast root vegetables such as parsnip and turnip… what the hell happened to me????? Did I loose my mind…. 3 times I wanted to call back the waitress to cancel and go for another Main, 3 times I decided to stick to my choice…. my husband was making fun of me as he saw me so perturbated by my choice…. “it’s only a Sunday roast”!

It was not please me but anyway, I started to starve and anything was to please my noisy stomach!

My husband also promised he’ll let me have a bite of his burger if I was to be disappointed by my Roast!

There it is…. my first Sunday roast!

The picture does not really enhance my Sunday Roast but really, it was delicious….. the chicken was very tender and tasty, the asparagus, perfectly cooked, the roots vegetables perfectly roasted and the gravy was a real one and not one of those fake disgusting brand they tend to introduce in any restaurant trying to reduce their costs….

Even the Yorkshire pudding was soft and crusty at the same time! I enjoy every bite of it except for the bread sauce….

There we are, one month from my return to France to spend the last weeks of my pregnancy, the first Sunday roast my twins will have tried is a British one…..!

I’ll have to ask my Mum to prepare a French one in order to get them to compare!

I you were like me about the Sunday roast, I hope you will give it a try from now on!

One Response to “My first Sunday roast…. at last!”

  1. cedric May 23, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    I fully sympathise… Very similar feelings, except that I am not pregnant. I hope to meet you at the upcoming AperoBlog. Good luck in your next few months.

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