Girls in the Kitchen #4: 5 Girls in My Kitchen for my 5th Month

1 May

After a few months struggling with all the pregnancy disturbing symptoms (nausea, fatigue, irritability…) a 10 days trip to the Maldives and the return of Spring got me back to my Cookery Classes…

Another session of Girls in the Kitchen on that 27th of April. That time, the Menu was sort of a Fusion one….. as the Girls picked one recipe from each thematic I had proposed but in the end everything was really good and the mix of Asian chicken with Italian Tomato Crumble did not stop us as we were somehow starving after such hard work….

As used, time for all of the Girls to get out of their office, run to the Underground and arrive at my home in Notting Hill, we started the class by 7 P.M. with light nibbles & refreshments.

The five of them agreed on the following Menu for the evening:


As all the ingredients have been gathered, once each member of the team has taken place in front of a chopping board, washed their hands and attached their apron, we start the class….. with the tomatoes in order to get them almost “slow roasted”.

We take the opportunity to enjoy the smell of all the aromatic herbs used in Mediterranean cooking such as Thyme, Basil, Rosemary… before working on their knife skills with the chopping of the garlic! So much fun….

Tomatoes being drizzled with olive oil, salt, pepper, sugar and herbs, we focus on the Pesto and enjoy its taste before getting our hands re-hydrated thanks to the butter used for preparing the crumble that almost became a dough as they kept enjoying working it!!!!


In a kitchen, you usually try to get organized and start with the sweets in order to put aside knives, boards…. and get as much space as needed to get through your cake-entremet or any other pastry recipe.

That class had to be the exception…. and it turned a bit messy but we managed to make some nice orange peel, whisk properly the egg yolks with the sugar, blend the boiled oranges and keep the final mixture as airy as needed by not breaking the egg whites…. we even had time to divide the batter into 2 in order to try the orange blossom water as well as the rose flavor option….!

Once the cakes replaced the tomatoes in my oven, we switched to the Chicken Marinade and the Sate sauce.

Unfortunately, I forgot to mention the coloring power of the Turmeric and we all enjoyed adding our pinch of Turmeric in the sauce and Marinade…. any manicure had to be removed the same night except if you like your hands to look like heavy smoker ones!

While the chicken was marinating, the cake baking, the syrup gently reducing, we assembled the crumble by layering the tomatoes, pesto and crumble and cook it for a good 1/2 hour til golden brown.

Then we prepared the skewers, coated them with black & white sesame seeds and started to get them pan fried and finished in the oven at low temperature and protected with foil to keep them tender….

And that was it…. while the cakes were cooling down, we enjoyed a nice and deserved dinner with a little red wine and Prosecco Rose for the dessert.

Wooow time is flying by, we fill the Tupperwares with chicken and cakes in order to make husbands or boyfriends happy. My 5 Girls are all gathered in front of the door, loaded with food and cooking tips…. As used, when you are in good company, I did not see the hours going by and I already miss them, hoping I did not forget some very important advice.

Anyway, the “Girls in the Kitchen Hotline” is always available as I tell them before they leave and I am always happy to help a friend stuck in her kitchen with a frosting that will never frost if kept so liquid or a puff pastry to roll without rolling pin… (in that case, use a bottle of wine….)

Another 30 minutes of cleaning and here I am…. ready to go to bed too!

Oups…. I almost forgot…. The recipe pack, in English or in French:

Recipe Pack in English

Recipe Pack in French


One Response to “Girls in the Kitchen #4: 5 Girls in My Kitchen for my 5th Month”

  1. cedric May 5, 2010 at 8:00 pm #

    Good luck with the pregnancy… The fun only start after (but after what:)).

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