Sunday Brunch at The Connaught…..

8 Mar

At last we did it…. trying to book 6 Sex in the City-ish girls on a week-end is somehow kind of a challenge but once you mention the place they are to meet….. no more week-end abroad, pilates classes, full manucure-pedicure-hair treatments…. the date gets fully available and everybody is almost on time at the “Rendez-Vous”.

Saturday the 6th of March, 12.30, I just popped out of the swimming-pool, hair almost dry, sunglasses out for the first time of the year and walking fast to be on time to a perfect girly brunch in Mayfair….

Thanks to Prune who took the time to organise the booking for us, we had one of the best and largest table, close to the window. There we were sitting, enjoying the sun coming in and staring at the menu and the two breathtaking buffets waiting for us!

None of us tried to pretend she was on a diet but rather that she did not eat for ages and was starving…

Surrounded by waiters and waitresses all but one French speaking, we went through the Menu with them, placed our orders and headed towards the first buffet.

The first buffet was in itself more that enough to make us happy but we tried to get decent plates in order to be able to reach the sweet buffet by the end of the brunch.

An amazing selection of French cheeses, thinly sliced hams, cured meat and other Delicatessen were displayed but also perfectly creamy scrambled eggs with “poutargue” or other seasonings, delicious smoked salmon, small home-made bagels toasted on request and a amazing selection of bread buns also home-made…. I did not list all those little details that really make the difference but the tasty butter, soured cream with chives, rocket salad perfectly seasoned…. are some of those little Extras that really makes your experience even better! Especially when you are the kind of person always asking for one of those….. you’re more than happy not to have to ask for it for once!

A few giggles, a few comments about our respective plates and there we are…


The whole table gets suddenly quiet and enjoy in a religious silence the first part of the tasting….

But don’t worry, the silence did not last more than a few seconds….. and as we went back to our girly conversation, the Main course suddenly appeared…. Surrounded by 4 waiters holding trays of our orders, we stopped moving to let them place the piece of art attributed to each of us.

We then realized we almost all had chosen the same one:

The Roasted Scottish Scallops with Tandoori spices, citrus and carrot mousseline, spring onions reduction with fresh coriander…. who wouldn’t?

Only one of us choose the Home-Made Burger because she had been clever enough to read what it was made of…. and also because she decided to share it in order to taste the scallops…!

The Home-made Burger stuffed with braised Aberdeen Angus beef ox cheek and duck foie-gras from Les Landes… except for the name…. everything but a Burger…. even the Ketchup was home-made with a little Espelette spice!

What we did not try….

The Classic Caesar Salad with cogollos and grilled chicken from Les Landes


The Black and Creamy Carnarolli Acquarello Rice, sautéed squids with chorizo and confit tomatoes, Reggiano parmesan foam

We’ll have to come back to give it a try…of course!

The Burger was pretty big in itself and the foie-gras plus the hand-cut potatoe wedges did not make it lighter but the Scallops were a perfect main course to take us to the Third part of our brunch.


At this stage, we have been chatting for about 1 hour and a half but we still have lots to talk about…. the last Sonia Rykiel collection at H&M, what our partners or husbands are doing while we spend hours in luxury hotels for brunch, new jobs, new responsabilities, birthdays, Prune’s baby to come and so on….

But suddenly, we all freeze when we see two plates passing by our tables with wonderful Waffles just cooked and filling the room with a wonderfull smell…. We all stand up and try not to rush to the sweet buffet!

There we are…. in front of Mini chocolate fondants, delicious fruit salad in a litchi juice, creamy yogurt and home-made granola, basket of viennoiseries with small brioches buns filled with Nutella (home-made of course) or Raspberries and the waffles served with chocolate sauce, jam, honey…. and a light as cloud Chantilly lightly sweetened with a strong vanilla flavour!

We did not have any space left for desert????? The plates we brought back to our table seemed to prove the opposite!

We did not finish all of it but we really enjoyed all we tried.


Back to our week-end, bus routes, shopping on Oxford Street, we leave the Connaught and its nice team with lots of upcoming brunch projects in places as nice as this one….

To be followed…. Tea Time at Sketch, brunch at The Dorchester, The Petersham Nursery in the summer….


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