For Burgers’ Lovers….. Byron!

2 Feb

Lunch break in the week-end used to be a never ending, always happening struggle… Even if London counts many good places for burgers, I used to fight against them as you sometimes don’t get what you expect and spend the whole afternoon complaining about the weird feeling resulting from the strange “herby-spicy” steak they had put in your burger and the much too fatty french fries you had been eating with…. no mention of the extra mayo they spread on the buns of course!

Don’t even count on me for a BK, Mc Do or even Gourmet Burger Kitchen…. rather die than getting in there…..!

Burgers were a boy’s dinner time or happy lonely evenings watching movies while I was working….

At last, everything changed when we happened to discover Byron on High Street Kensington!

The place is a kind of fast food but set in a cozy, nice, bright place full of welcoming waiters & waitresses. They have all sizes of table in order to be able to welcome any group sizes and large amount of kids.

The menu is simple, mainly burgers with a few salads and other mains for the remaining “ANTI”, the traditional coleslaw, french fries, onion rings and the casual very American deserts if you are still hungry (cheesecake, brownies, banoffee pie…)!

But what really convinced me is the set of Mini-Burgers they use to reserve for kids and that I always take…. For small appetite or deserts fans, this is the perfect size…. You get served 3 tiny hamburgers filled with mini steaks and all the ingredients you can get in the normal one!

And for the others, you can still ask for the double burgers….!

The products are fresh and tasty and they are selected among some of the best farms in the U.K. The service is efficient, fast but there is no pressure to get rid of you as others customers are waiting. Kids are provided lots of games and the staff is always patient and smiling to make the lunch an happy time for both the parents and the kids and also the other customers as kids won’t be screaming as long as they are happy!!!!

To resume, this place is not a Gastro place neither a place to have a nice romantic dinner but definitely a perfect place for a nice lunch with friends during the week-end or even as a couple….


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