Girls in the Kitchen #2….. Chop, chop, chop… Chat, chat, chat …

25 Jan

A few months ago, as August did not keep my friends too busy at work, we gathered at home for a cookery class…. Some of them wanted to learn a few tricks, others wanted to get some fresh ideas and for some it was just about having some fun with a bunch of friends….

Finally, the flat was crowded with 6 female students, 1 female photographer and me…. 8 females in the kitchen, my husband decided to flee to some safer place!!!!! And we started to have some fun!

I had planned an ambitious program which we almost accomplished except for one recipe out of 4….

Except for the Chicken Caesar Salad, we prepared a nice dinner made of savory muffins, butternut squash and spicy red onions salad and some individual chocolate mousse with “caramel beurre salé”.

After a little board of nibbles and a glass of fresh juices, we first had a quick glance at the recipes, the ingredients they’ll be using, the methods they’ll be learning and the utensils they’ll have to deal with…. the knives especially!!!!

After a quick hand washing, hair tying, apron fixing, we started right away with the “caramel beurre salé” and the rest of the mousse recipe so that it be set by the end of the class….!

I was pretty proud as none of the 3 teams burnt the caramel and spared me the fastidious task of washing the burnt pan.

Once the mousses were in the fridge, I started to relax and we opened a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate Pauline birthday who came for taking nice pictures.

As usual, the bubbles cheered us up a bit more and the mood was chattier than ever!

Even cutting onions made them laugh and cry at the same time, peeling and cutting butternut squash got them yellow hands but still smiling faces and preparing slow roasted tomatoes got them fully amazed because of how simple it was to prepare and how delicious it was to taste!!!!

They’ve been pan frying onions, chopping veg, roasting butternut squash, chopping herbs, filling muffins cases, crumbling cheese, seasoning salad, tasting, tasting and tasting again the caramel but left enough for their mousse, resting sometimes, chatting a lot also and eventually setting the table, opening the bottles and dressing their plates in order to finally enjoy the taste of their hard work!

As a result, Maria applied her learning almost straight away by cooking for her boyfriend the same menu. And for the others we had to wait a few weeks to hear from them….. Murielle started to grow butternut at her home, Flore tried to make the muffins but had to go twice to Tesco to buy the ingredients a new time and start over….. and the other prefered to count on the hard-working ones to feed them!

One Response to “Girls in the Kitchen #2….. Chop, chop, chop… Chat, chat, chat …”

  1. maria January 25, 2010 at 11:09 pm #

    Great night, great dinner, great “chop chop chop” and “chat chat chat”!

    When is the next gathering and cooking?

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