First karaoke first catering business….

7 Jul

Thanks to Zaza, I had the opportunity to attend my first karaoke on the 4th of July but also to make my first official catering job….

And thanks to my husband David, I have been able to deliver it on time too…..

As I was working in the morning at the Café, I needed a little break that became a long one and at 5 pm I started to panic because I still add most of everything to prepare….. for 25 people!

From the Mussolini of the kitchen as my husband and family use to call me I became that sweet lovely wife begging her husband to help her. And it worked…..

We ended up with 3 big boxes and a few bags full of sauces and cream to set at the last minute.

What was on the menu:

  • Marinated Courgettes and Carrots Ribbon with Mozzarella
  • Chicken breast and Sate sauce
  • Spicy sauted shrimps with baby corn and Mange Tout beans
  • Mini cake with courgette, parmesan, basil & mint
  • Mini cake with sun dried tomato and goat cheese
  • Mini cannelés
  • Summery Tartelettes filled with “Creme Patissiere”

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